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This page details the previous site theme and will be updated in the next couple of days. Most functionality remains the same just the images require updating.

There are four main menus to help with locating spray painting equipment products within this site. The first image below shows the view when the Spray Gun Lists menu, indicated by the red arrow drawn on the image is used. Products are presented in a list with only the product image, a link to the full product detail, list price, our sell price and an Add To Cart Button. If the product has further options which need to be selected it is better to use the product link and select the option instead of attempting to Add To Cart from this point.

When browsing the site using the Spray Gun Lists menu the product group may have additional sub groups to help refine a search. These subgroups will present as expanded options in the Spray Gun Lists menu and also in the browsing page as indicated by the blue circle drawn around the submenu links in the image below. There is always the main expandable menu on every page as indicated on the image below within the green circle.

Image showing how Spray Guns Lists Menu presents products

Scroll further down any page on this site and right below the Spray Gun Lists Menu is the Spray Gun Previews menu. As illustrated in the image below using the Spray Gun Previews menu lists products with a preview of the product description with the price and add to cart. If the product has options these options will be shown in this preview and it is possible to select the option and add directly to a shopping cart from this view. Simply clicking the products title in this view will open the full products page.

Image illistrating how the Spray Gun Previews menu works

Select Products Lists from the main menu bar and the view will appear as in the image below. Product options are selectable without the need to open the full product page. List sorting is possible by clicking any blue hyperlink list headings. Catalogue Grid is essentially the same as this sites default home page. Links to all primary and secondary product groups are on the Catalogue Grid and Home page while images have been purposely left off the home page to help visitors get started quicker with faster page load times.

Using the sites product list menu

Product group pages with a lot of individual products may flow to additional pages. Look for the additional pages links at the bottom of the page as illustrated in the image below with the red line drawn around the links. The links at the bottom of every page are also direct links to product groups, (green arrow drawn on the image indicating these links), larger font means more products are contained in that group than a smaller font link.

Image shows links to additional list pages and product grouping links at bottom of eavery page.

Search is always available within this site. A search box is at the top of every page and at the bottom of every page. Visit the site search page. A site map is linked from the main menu under About.

Using this websites site search function

Spray painting equipment with various options requires that one option is selected before the product can be added to the cart. If there are variations in the prices for different product options the price will be displayed beside each selectable option. If all options are the same price then only the one main price will display. All prices displayed include Australian GST as required by Australian law. If the billing and shipping address for an order is outside Australia the GST will be removed from the order before payment is made.

Selecting spray gun model options

If a spray painting equipment product is added to a cart without any options selected an error will appear as shown below. Simply select the required option by selecting a radio button next to the model and proceed to add the product with selected option to the cart.

No spray equipment product option selected error

Use the site wide email contact us form for assistance with using this site or locating the spray painting equipment you need, we are here to help you.

Email contact us form

New spray painting products are added to this store every week  and it is easy to view the latest products by visiting, and or subscribing, to our RSS feeds. Subscribing to individual product group feeds is possible by following the RSS icon next to each link on our visitor site map page.