Delivery Estimates

Delivery time estimates include allowances for orders placed on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Orders placed on or before weekends have additional days added to any shipping estimate to your location.

Orders placed on a Friday have three (3) days added.

Orders placed on a Saturday have two (2) days added.

Orders placed on a Sunday have one (1) day added.

For example if you are placing and order on a Friday and a shipping estimate is 5 days you should see the order Tuesday or Wednesday the following week.

Please note additional days may occur dependent on our stockholding, suppliers stockholding or the actual time of day that we receive your order.

Orders received after midday may mean the supplier will not ship until the following day if your order happens to contain any parts we must order in

International shipping may incur additional shipping tiime due to processing delays by customs and clearing in ytour delivery country..

We will act on your order as soon as it is received and will always try to ship your order the most reliable and economical method available as quickly as possible.