Anest Iwata W400 Gravity Selection Chart

Anest Iwata W400 gravity feed spray guns are excellent quality high transfer efficient Centre Feed Gravity Spray Guns. This guide is the Iwata recommendation for each Anest Iwata W400 High TEC setup model. Use these spray gun recommendation guides in conjunction with the paint manufacturer recommendation.

Anest Iwata W400 Gravity Application Chart
W400122GC W400132GC W400142GC W400162GC W400182GC W400251GC Application
Yes Ideal Yes       Etch Primer
      Yes Ideal   Primer Single Pack
        Yes Ideal Filler Primer 2K
          Yes Spray Putty
Yes Ideal         Stain
    Yes Ideal     Furniture Lacquer
      Yes Ideal Yes Acrylic Lacquer
    Yes Ideal     Air Dry Enamel
Yes Ideal Yes       Polyurethane
Yes Ideal Yes       Urethane
  Yes Ideal Yes     Top Coat Solid Colour
  Yes Ideal       Base Coat 2K
  Yes Ideal       Base Coat Waterbourne
Yes Yes Ideal       Clear Coat 2K
  Yes Ideal Yes     High Solids 2K (80-85%)
        Ideal Yes Contact Adhesive
        Yes Yes Epoxy
Yes Yes         High Build Epoxy
        Yes Ideal Zinc
          Yes Chlorinated Rubber
Viscosity (Ford Cup #4)
Yes           Under 18 Seconds
Yes Yes Yes       18 - 26 Seconds
      Yes Yes Yes 26 - 33 Seconds